Combined Clubs Series Sailing Instructions 2018


Email from Tom Clayton 20.17  27/04/18:

Please find attached the Entry Form, Sailing Instructions and Course Card for the 2018 season.

Again, apologies for the delay.  As I said earlier, we have been reviewing the handicapping system as the RYA NHC system which we have been using for the last few years has not really worked for us.

We are changing to a local handicapping system which is being managed by a steering group from the participating clubs, and it which is expected will eventually be adopted by most, if not all, of the Stour and Orwell clubs. A TCF (time correction factor) numbers will be assigned by the joint handicapping group, based on the best data available. Your number will last for the season, and will be used by all clubs participating in the system, as well as for the Combined Clubs Series.

For the Combined Clubs Series there will also be an option to elect not to use a spinnaker. Your handicap for the season will reflect this. This will effectively enable us to run two races within each race, with separate results for the spinnaker class and the white-sails only class, as well as an overall result.

As well as the entry form attached, PMSC have kindly created an on-line entry form which has been added to their web-site – This works very well, and means you don’t have to post or scan/e-mail the entry for.

Combined Clubs Series

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Sailing Instructions 2018

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