Visitors are very welcome!

Visitors’ vessels can lie alongside the quay or there are 3 visitors’ moorings available for vessels making a high water visit, or which can happily settle on to the mud. If you want to discuss your visit, particularly if wishing to use the quayside you are strongly recommended to contact the mooring master before hand to avoid possible disappointment.

telephone    01206 399006

or email

‘There are over 130 moorings in the river at Manningtree, all dry out after high water. Most of the vessels based in Manningtree have bilge keels, lifting keels, or no keels!

The moorings at the Stour Sailing Club are under the jurisdiction of the Harwich Haven Authority who have delegated responsibility for the regulation and control of leisure craft moorings in the Manningtree area to the SSC. The Moorings Master will consider applications for a mooring and allocate according to the size of vessel and space available.

A licence will be issued and an annual fee is payable for a cruiser/fisher mooring and a lower fee for a dinghy mooring.

A waiting list may exist. No mooring will be permitted of vessels longer than 9 metres (29ft) overall or deeper than 1.5 metres (4.5ft) draught or of multihulls, except by special arrangement.

Boat owners who do not wish to become club members can become affiliates of the club and be able to have a mooring and use the hard and slipway.  Affiliates will pay the current fee for a mooring and an additional annual fee to contribute towards the administration and maintenance of the river facilities.

Mooring Regulations Download Application Form

Complete the form and send it to The Moorings Master at the Club.

Affiliate Moorings Info.