Quay Street Magazine 3

Brightlingsea_gigs_bannerHere we are at the beginning of a another season, Spring is here, although as I am writing this gusts of wind are lashing rain against the window and sailing is far from my mind.  It is going to be a busy start to the season.  The racing Spring Series might be already under way. On the weekend of 6/7 June there will be the Rowing Festival with many visiting crews including a large number of “Harker’s Yard Gigs” which are traditional East Coast boats built by marine apprentices at the Pioneer Sailing Trust’s Harker’s Yard in Brightlingsea.  Click on “Rowing” on the menu bar for more information.

BuntingThe Regatta happens only a fortnight later on 20/21 June- it’s bound to be a warm, sunny weekend.  As well as the racing there will be beach and mud games, delicious food and fireworks. 

Fishing bunting
The following weekend, on Saturday 27th. is the popular all-day Fishing Competition.  

So if you are a racer who rows and fishes, you have a really busy month.

There is a good range of topics in this issue including a poem, coins, catamarans and a kayak.

The format is slightly different this time with separate pages, just click the blue buttons at the foot of the pages to move about.  

A serious start to the magazine, as usual.

Cartoon trimmed