Tidal Flood Gate in West compound.

As you know we have a flood gate on the West Compound that we use regularly to gain access to the water. What may not be so obvious is that we (The Stour Sailing Club) are legally responsible for its use, and more importantly its closure when risk of flooding exists. Whilst I cannot imagine for one minute this scenario taking place, if we fail to operate it adequately the right of access through the gate can be removed!
Therefore we have a clear duty to look after the flood gate and in so doing, our own interests. Please continue to follow the ‘standing instruction’ and close the gate when leaving the area, unless you can see someone else nearby who is about to go through it. At times of flood risk, close the gate immediately after your own use unless you talk to another person and agree he or she will close it before they leave the area.
Further information about the Flood Gates in general can be found ‘here‘ and if you would like to contact someone about the flood gates then use this link to the Environment Agency.
I have learnt recently that we are now required to have formal contacts in place, and a formal process to ensure that flood warnings are adhered to and the gate is shut when required. I will therefore update this note as soon as we have a system in place and in the mean time please contact me via this link to the clubs ‘commodore‘ email address if you have any questions.