Training 2019

Training at Stour Sailing Club 2018/2019

Recently we have adopted a different approach to training – quite simple really. You choose a course you would like to undertake and subject to certain criteria we could provide you with some funding towards the course.

Interested, then read on. This approach is based on opening up the former sail training budget to a wider audience and not just covering river based courses e.g. VHF courses, navigation and seamanship, first aid, understanding weather conditions.

So, how does it work?  With regards to junior sail training, we have just been given a limited donation by the Mistley Maltings Trust which is ring fenced for juniors. If you fancy undertaking a course you obtain the course cost details etc. and if you would like to apply for some funding towards the overall cost, then you fill in the application form and return to the club. For children under 18 parental details and consent is required. Part of the deal is that we ask if you could provide a brief summary of your sail training for the website and some pictures if you have them. Don’t worry, this is not compulsory but it might encourage others.

Funding is granted on a” first come first served basis.

For adults, again if you would like to undertake a course then follow the same approach and again we have set aside a limited budget for this year’s training fund.

Doing it this way, puts the onus on you to arrange the course and take responsibility for attending. We reward you by contributing to the costs.

Where do you find out about the courses? We have included a list of accredited providers as well as an application form for funding.

You may also see occasionally emails going out to members about group training opportunities e.g. VHF courses, navigation. These tend to be held in small groups in the club’s parlour, so again “first come first served”.

We also intend to up skill the safety boat crew so that as well as having the mandatory Power Boat qualifications, they have First Aid and VHF qualifications.

You will also see on this website page information about the club’s loan boat scheme, a section where you can “have your say” and somewhere where we post course details that maybe of interest you.

By all means feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above.

Kind regards

Dave Perrott (Training Officer)

Training Co-ordinator                –             


Training Support Application Form

 Print the form and send it to the Training Co-ordinator at the Sailing Club

Approved Training Providers

Boat Loan System


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