Use of the Club Gig (including use by Approved Users)

In May 2016 the Club was awarded a £10,000 grant from Sport England towards the purchase of a Harker’s Yard Gig as part of a Coastal Rowing project to “expand participation through supporting formal, organised “Club” coastal rowing to provide low cost, open access opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved in rowing and keep rowing”.

The ‘Coastal Rowing Project’ started at the beginning of June 2016, with organised Club Rowing sessions using a Claydon Skiff, and on 1st October 2016 we launched our Club Rowing Gig – Harker’s Yard Gig Number 17: William Rose.

In January 2020 we were awarded a further £10,000 grant from Sport England for our ‘Rowing On’ project to further increase participation in Coastal Rowing. The funding has enabled the Club to buy our second Harker’s Yard Gig – number 22: Hunter.

We want to make sure that as many people as possible are able to take part in rowing using the Club Gigs:

  • The Club organises Club Rowing Sessions that any member can book on to, and that non-members can also join on a ‘try before you join’ basis.  Club members are asked to contribute £3 each for each row in the Club Gig which is put towards the replacement of equipment (e.g. thole pins) and maintenance.
  • Beyond the formal Club Rowing and Racing Sessions the Gig can be booked for social rowing or team practice when there is not a Club row or race booked.  Club Members who have the necessary experience may register as Approved Users and may then book the Gig for informal sessions subject to some simple conditions and a small charge of £12 (similar to the use of the Club Topper and equivalent to the standard £3 contribution per crew member for Club Rows).

We want to ensure the safety of Gig Users and the Gigs, and meet our obligations to Sport England. So the Club’s   ‘Gig Handbook’ sets out essential information for all Gig users.  The document also sets out the process for applying to become an ‘Approved User’.  The Gig Handbook can be found below, along with the ‘Approved User’ application form, and the Daily Gig Log Sheet to be completed for all rows including independent rows.

Handbook on Use of SSC Gigs 2020

Application to become an approved user 2020

Independent Row log Sheet 2020

August 23 2020 and our first ever row in Hunter – 2 up in Covid19 secure fashion