The Bar and Parlour

The Bar and Parlour are closed until further notice.

The Club Bar

G11 Bar

The focal point of many of our social activities, is located on the first floor above the Parlour. It is a well appointed space with comfortable seating and a balcony with expansive views of the river, which is an excellent vantage point for watching the starts and finishes of our races.  Club social events are usually on a Saturday – details when social events are on will be sent via email alerts and also on the club calendar.

The bar is staffed by volunteers and we always in need of bar staff so please contact


The Parlour

New Parlour towards window

The clubhouse parlour is a popular daily meeting point for a chat and a coffee.  The room is very comfortable and offers excellent views of River Stour.  It is extensively in use for many of the Sailing Club Events throughout the year.

There is a small library in the room and members can borrow any books and return them at their leisure.

There are occasions when the parlour can be requested for a member’s private use – details of this are on the member’s page of the website.


If you wish to discuss anything regarding the parlour please contact David Warner, Clubhouse Manager via email on or via phone on 01206 395757