The Bar and Parlour

The two main rooms of our clubhouse are the Bar and Parlour.

The Club Bar

G11 BarThe focal point of many of our social activities, is located on the first floor above the Parlour. It is a well appointed space with comfortable seating and a balcony with expansive views of the river, which is an excellent vantage point for watching the starts and finishes of our races. The bar is staffed by volunteers which enables us to keep prices low and still generate a good income for the club. We always in need of bar staff so please contact our Bar Manager if you are able to help out.

If we have sufficient volunteers  the  Bar is open:

Lunchtimes: Weekdays:  Noon to 2 pm,   Weekends: Noon to 3 pm

Evenings:     Friday:    8 pm to 11 pm  Occasional Saturdays for an event.

The Parlour

New Parlour towards windowIs the front room on the ground floor of the clubhouse and is always available to members for ad-hock teas and coffees.  It is a warm place to chat and meet people, has a library of nautical books and is a great place to watch the River Stour in comfort.

Guidelines for the use of the Club Parlour

Any member may book the parlour free of charge to use with family, friends and fellow members for social evenings and events. These bookings may not involve financial profit or a charge being made although an element of cost sharing is fine. We ask that where possible you arrange to purchase the majority of drinks from the bar, but feel free to bring special drinks for celebrations etc.

If you want to book the Parlour, just add your event to the club diary (kept in the Bar), and if you can, please email our webmaster at ‘’  and request the event is put on the club web-site diary so others know.

Alternatively, if you wish to organise something involving mainly non-members, organise an event that has a financial element, maybe a charity event, or simply hold a meeting, then please contact the Club Secretary, or the Commodore and they will either give approval there and then, or take the request to the next committee meeting. Most requests are looked on very favourably so please don’t hesitate to ask, and we will confirm everything is OK as quickly as possible.

Last of all, the Parlour is always available for ad-hock Teas and Coffee’s, a warm place to chat, and a great place to watch the River Stour from!

The Committee