The Bar and Parlour

The two main rooms of our clubhouse are the Bar and Parlour.

The Club Bar

G11 BarThe focal point of many of our social activities, is located on the first floor above the Parlour. It is a well appointed space with comfortable seating and a balcony with expansive views of the river, which is an excellent vantage point for watching the starts and finishes of our races. The bar is staffed by volunteers which enables us to keep prices low and still generate a good income for the club. We always in need of bar staff so please contact our Bar Manager if you are able to help out.

If we have sufficient volunteers  the  Bar is open:

Lunchtimes: Weekdays:  Noon to 2 pm,   Weekends: Noon to 3 pm

Evenings:     Friday:    8 pm to 11 pm  Occasional Saturdays for an event.

The Parlour

New Parlour towards window

The clubhouse parlour is a popular daily meeting point for a chat and a coffee.  The room is very comfortable and offers excellent views of River Stour.

There is a small library in the room and members can borrow any books and return them at their leisure.

The parlour can also be used for private functions – to apply for this a form needs to be completed and returned along with a £20 deposit to cover potential extra cleaning.  If no extra cleaning is required the £20 is returned.



Clubhouse Manager