Micro Racing

Most Sundays From April to October we race Micros starting approximately 1 hour before high water giving a variation on start times – this allows 3 hours of deep water, but the races usually last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.  There are two types of Micro Tonners raced at Manningtree – Micro Gems and Micro 18s designed by Rob Humphreys and Stephen Jones respectively. These are crewed by either 2 or 3 persons.   There have been no restrictions to the particular type of Micro raced but these designs have been available on the market and as we rate them with the same handicap it makes the racing close and exciting.  We would not deter any other types of Micros participating but we would prefer an increase in the existing designs.

There are currently 7 Gems and 4 Micro 18s in the club.


Please see video taken from a previous ‘Worlds’   https://youtu.be/JVEGqxoWR2E