Use of Sarka – Sliding Seat Coastal Scull



The Club is very pleased to have received Sarka which has been donated to the Club by Member Hubert Ward.

Sarka will enable Members to learn the skills involved in sliding seat sculling and provide flexibility for Members to learn to scull and row on their own as part of a Club row. Members who have demonstrated competence in the handling of the boat and safety requirements both on and off the water may book Sarka for independent rows when it is not in use for a Club Row.

A guide to the use of Sarka (including for Independent Rows) can be found here – this has been updated to take account of the need for Social Distancing – June 2020.

Use of Sarka (Coastal Scull) June 2020

The specific requirements in place in June 2020 to mitigate risk are set out in the document below.

Use of Sarka under social distancing


Members should not ask to book Sarka until they have been agreed as Approved Users.